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11156823_653967018068356_1152079931_nHedge Gods are an analogue dance band from Wales that fuse together Gypsy Jazz, Ska, Polkas, Skiffle, Waltzes, Tribal Rhythms, Flamenco, House, Hoedowns, Bluegrass, Drum n Bass, Punk, Hip Hop and Funk music to create manic barnstorming sounds.
Over the past 2 years they have been whirling their critically acclaimed ‘fresh rhythmic sound’ to movers and shakers at gig venues and festivals across the country. Their irresistible sonic waves summon up the dance spirit in all.”




IMG_0245Born on the Wirral, Cheshire, and now living in the bustling
heart of Liverpool’s world famous city centre, JohnPaul is a
very talented musician with a lot of experience under his
belt. Labeled as ‘One of the best loop artists in the North-
West’, JP is rapidly making a big name for himself!
With two albums now selling on iTunes worldwide and
completely independently, JohnPaul is quickly being
recognised as a musician with gut feelings, talent and a real
knack for entertainment. Using a loop machine, microphone
and guitar you could be forgiven to think there is a full band
on stage as JohnPaul’s clever use of looping is quick and
creative whilst entertaining both the audience and other
musicians alike. He has learnt to hone his skills from the ground up, you can see experience and his talent shine through and watching
him deliver a 12 layered vocal track called “Hey” on a loop
machine, with just his voice is truly awe inspiring.
Under the name ‘@TheLoopArtist’ he is gaining a local
following on both Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. JohnPaul
is normally found playing gigs around Chester and Liverpool
either with his guitar (or a keyboard) in hand, a loop
machine and playing some very original and unique

Dave Burton

10891444_876742972376302_4489543579821046695_nHailing from North Wales, David Burton is an accomplished songwriter and instrumentalist who has composed many thought-provoking and foot tapping songs in the folk/jazz genre. He has performed live both solo and with his band up and down the country for over ten years supporting fine artists such as Eric Roche and Mark Morriss of The Bluetones. He has also provided backup guitar for numerous talented singer songwriters including a stint with Duffy. Over this time he has honed his own unique fusion of jazz, rock and folk. His virtuoso guitar skills leave audiences awes-struck as he performs his own compositions whilst also playing tribute to the work of acoustic guitar heroes such as John Renbourn, Bert Jansch and Pierre Bensusan.

Ollie Gosling – Hughes

1795663_301125800042431_4882884426306773537_nOliver Gosling-Hughes, is a Wirral based singer/songwriter, who has spent the last few years playing all over the UK. His mix of open tuning melodies and haunting vocal performances, make his shows feel like a one man band. Also since he has played the gathering festival for the last 3 years on the run, it would be strange not to see him here with us.


Still Blue

11071943_819734644782615_1779856779330596070_nThe Gathering first noticed Still Blue busking in Chester and asked them to perform at Chameleon 2014 back December.
Since then they have been making a name for themselves performing all over the place. With their mix of original songs and covers, close knit harmonies and interesting arrangements they are sure to go down well. Get there early and don’t miss them.

Jonathan  Coley

2578422Jonathan plays an eclectic mix of Blues, soul and folk, mixed with fresh original songwriting, and is making a name for himself for his unique guitar playing, influenced by performers such as Nick Drake, John Mayer, Bert Jansch, Wizz Jones and John Martyn, and for his passionate vocal performances. Jonathan’s guitar playing has been deemed as “subtly sublime with a natural rhythm and effortless melody” with “a voice with charm and presence to match”. His first single, “Jetsom”, was released December 2012. His debut EP, “City songs: Live in London” was released October 2013 followed by the full independent album.”Hamster’s Can’t Climb”, released January 31st 2014.

Harvest Moon Open Mic

The Harvest Moon Cafe are running a very special open mic event during the day. You can catch everything from poetry, theatre and music.

Dead Beat Dad Club

11130088_353111561545554_2836443745910592784_nDowntempo, Chillout, Trip-Hop DJ collective the Dead Beat Dad Club will be setting the mood at the start of the day.

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